NBSAP 2017-2025

The Mauritius Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (NBSAP) 2017 – 2025 was prepared through an iterative process of stakeholder consultations and approval, addressing Mauritius’ obligations under Article 6a of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). This NBSAP replaces its previous version (2006 – 2015) and builds upon a review of its predecessor and several preparatory documents on biodiversity mainstreaming, ecosystem valuation and ecosystem-based adaptation.

The strategic goals and objectives of the NBSAP have been adapted from the Aichi targets to reflect the local context and stakeholder readiness to implement and mainstream the CBD’s 2010 Strategic Plan. The NBSAP has a 9-years duration (2017 – 2025) with a mid-term review built in (2020). It is intended to be a living document so that stakeholders can propose, submit and approve additional projects for inclusion as part of the NBSAP activity portfolio. Cooperation between stakeholders is to be supported and strengthened for an equitable and transparent implementation of the NBSAP, notably through three working groups (i.e. Terrestrial Biodiversity Working Group, Agro-biodiversity Working Group and Freshwater, Coastal and Marine Working Group) with the support of the National Focal Point (NFP), the National Parks and Conservation Service (NPCS) of the Ministry of Agro-Industry and Food Security (MoAIFS).

National Report to CBD

National Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan (submitted 18-Dec-2007)
1st National Report (submitted 29-Jan-2001)
2nd National Report (submitted 02-Jul-2003)
3rd National Report (submitted 06-Nov-2006)
4th National Report (submitted 13-Sep-2010)

5th National Report (submitted 17-Jun-2017)